Dedicated Medical Services

Medical Services Phoenix, AZ

With our dedicated services, you will always have the same professional drivers in clearly marked late model vehicles reliably make your deliveries week after week, and year after year , as they are only assigned to your work and do not make deliveries for any other client. In this way they become familiar with and accustomed to your unique requirements, and establish a known and familiar presence with your personnel.


In addition, we don’t just drop of at the door, but we will also provide white glove inside deliveries as needed. Further, as noted below, our drivers are trained in medical requirements; and we offer a variety of technology and systems to address your concerns:


Your Concern
Our Solution



Making medical deliveries since 1993


Reduce vehicle, reduce payroll  and soft costs.


On Time Delivery >98%


ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Bar Code and GPS Tracking


Electronic Signature
Proof of Delivery(POD) Real Time POD With Electronic Signature Sent by RSS, Text Message or Auto eMail.


Sample Integrity and Viability
Annual driver training in handling of biological samples and maintaining ambient, refrigerated and frozen conditions.


Expertise and Exposure Risk
Certified annual driver training in Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Substances in Compliance With 49 CFR 171-180


Driver Presentation
Full Uniform With Photo ID Badge


Driver Background
Detailed background and criminal check. Annual TSA and FAA security check.


Privacy and Security

Drivers receive annual HIPAA Training