Medical Services

Medical Samples and Specimens



Pickup within 20 minutes and complete delivery within 0.5 – 2 hours depending on distance

Scheduled and Routed:

Dedicated driver picks up and delivers all samples on your daily route.


ISO 9001 Certified

On Time > 98%


Full Uniform With Photo ID Badge

Detailed Background and Criminal Check

Annual Training in Compliance with HMR; 49 CFR 171-180 for the Handling and Transportation of Biological Samples and Hazardous Materials

Equipped to Provide Room Temperature, Refrigerated and Frozen Conditions

Carry PPE and Spill Kits, and Trained in Their Use

Trained for the Protection and Security of PHI


Bar Code Scanning and Tracking 

GPS Tracking of Route and Dedicated Drivers

Electronic Signature Proof of Delivery (POD)

Real Time Delivery of PODs by RSS, Text and auto eMail

Standard and Custom Online Reports

System Integration/EDI