Vehicle Outsourcing

Save by Outsourcing Vehicle Phoenix, AZ

Outsourcing an existing fleet of company-owned vehicles and employee couriers has proven to be extremely cost-effective for our clients (typically saving them 18% to 40%).  Our program consists of dedicated couriers assigned to the same route every day.  The program allows your senior management to focus on core competencies rather than courier related.

Private companies and government fleet operations alike are under pressure to cut costs and outsource non-core-business functions like flee operations. Outsourcing to realize direct cost reductions is undeniably attractive, but there are also longer-term cost savings you can achieve. When considering outsourced fleet management with Sun State Courier, we help you analyze overall budget impact by looking at both direct and indirect maintenance cost savings over your 3 – 5 year plan.

Fleet management and maintenance are not your core business functions – they’re ours. As ancillary activities to the everyday tasks of running businesses, municipalities, and county governments, let us help you realize the direct benefits of outsourcing your fleet.

The Benefits of Courier Outsourcing

By outsourcing your scheduled transportation activities, you are obtaining a dedicated team of delivery specialists who operate much like your in-house fleet – but without the headaches and the overhead that come along with it.

  • Enjoy significant cost advantages versus maintaining an in-house fleet while improving delivery efficiency, quality and service.
  • Eliminate variable personnel expenses like salaries, overtime costs, healthcare costs, workers compensation costs and retirement costs
  • Eliminate the following human resource issues: hiring, firing, labor laws, training, time off, vacations, sick days and workers compensation issues.
  • Eliminate the following vehicle expenses: lease payments, gas, parking, tolls, insurance, breakdowns, accidents, repairs, rental vehicles and vehicle replacements.
  • Eliminate the following transportation management issues: Where is the driver? What took you so long? I can’t work late tonight! I slipped on the ice! I just got in a car accident!